Lulworth Castle and Park – worth a visit

lulworth castleLulworth Castle stands out as an outstanding attraction; it is set in the heart of Dorset and is located a few miles from the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. This Castle was built in the early 17th Century and was originally used as a hunting lodge; it later became a country house at the heart of a large estate. Thomas Howard, 3rd Lord Bindon, built this Castles so that large hunting parties from the King and Court could be entertained. Humphrey Weld purchased the Castle and Estate with around 12 000 acres of rolling parkland, woods and farmland in 1641. It has remained in the Weld family ever since.

Unfortunately, in 1929, there was a disastrous fire that swept through the building. The burning was out of control for 3 days; the interior was completely gutted, leaving the building a virtual ruin. Following the fire, the building was exposed to the elements and as a result, the Castle decayed rapidly. Over time the stonework eroded and the unburnt timbers continued to rot until the whole structure was in danger of collapse.

English Heritage undertook the restoration work and this saw the exterior restored to its original glory. The interior was subsequently consolidated so that it could provide a remarkable venue revealing many stories about its past. In 1998 the venue was opened to the public.

lulworth castleOringally, Lulworth Castle was built with the purpose of being a place of entertainment, and it has become that again, today. It is an outstanding visitor attraction with interpretative displays bringing history to life and as a result there are many special events taking place during the year. It continues to entertain many families, has played host to seven British monarchs and many celebratory occasions.
It is a popular venue for parties, weddings, corporate events and balls; its grand design and vast parkland makes it an impressive ideal locations for such events.

This property offers free access to HHA Friends and Members during normal opening hours.

We highly recommend putting a day aside to visit Lulworth Castle when you stay with us. If this is something that appeals to you, let us know and we can help arrange your day accordingly.

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