Poole Pottery – worth a visit

Poole PotteryIf you like your pottery, ornaments and decorative touches then Poole Pottery is definitely worth a visit; we highly recommend the trip.

As well as watching Master Potter throw his skills around at Poole Pottery, you can examine their amazing products and you can sit in the same studio as the experts. In the studio you can paint such things as mugs, plates and little treasure boxes to take home! You can use the inspiration that you see around the outlet to help you create whatever you want.

The artistic work that you can see on display is wonderful and you are welcome to discuss and explore what you see in front of you with anyone there. We would advise that you view this part as an art gallery and treat the painting stop at the end as a bonus.

Its a great way to really help process what you’re seeing and round off the day nicely with a self made souvenir.

There are refreshments available in the Pottery Cafe. Everything is wheelchair accessible on both floors and they’re happy to help if needed so you’ve got plenty of support on hand if you’re not feeling overly artistic or inspired.

Whilst you are near the quay remember that there are other exciting and calming things to help you make the most of your day whilst you are in Poole.

poole potteryPoole Pottery – The Studio

Lets detail some of the layouts and details of what you can expect. On the ground floor you can watch several skilled artists at work.

Alan White is the Master Potter, and as mentioned you will no doubt see him thawing his clay at the wheel and creating his unique but classic shapes. You may or may not know, Alan has appeared on TV many times and has been associated with Poole for over 40 years. His designs and shapes are sought after by collectors worldwide.

Jane Brewer, Nikki Massarella and Lorna Whitmarsh are three of the designers and artists. You will probably see Jane, Nikki and Lorna at work decorating pieces of Poole Pottery. In addition to this, you will see them helping to design new collections to be made up at the Middleport factory in Stoke-On-Trent; they will also be decorating one off pieces which are available for sale in the shop on The Quay. These one off pieces are highly sought after by collectors.

Poole Pottery – Paint your own

This is the part that most families look forward to; paint your own unique masterpiece and take it home. You can choose from a wide selection including mugs, plates, money and keepsake boxes.

You are able to sit within the studio and decorate a model of your choice; creating your own masterpiece to remind you of your day.

The shop has the largest selection of Poole Pottery including the full range of 1st quality giftware tableware and lighting and a large selection of second quality products.

Great prices are also available on a huge range of homewares, clothes, accessories and a wide section of gifts. You can often enjoy up to 50% off selected lines.

So, how does Poole Pottery sound? Somewhere that you would like to visit? If you are staying at the Castleton whilst you plan to visit Poole Pottery, why not ask our team to arrange this part of the day for you.

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